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We are exclusive representative of European companies in Israel
Founded in 1922, Bongard, over the years, has become the French specialist in baking and pastry-making equipment.

CRM is a world leader in the manufacture of industrial grade automatic and semiautomatic slicers and cutting machines for the cutting, transformation, conservation and packaging of meat and vegetable food products

Reepack is a company which operates since 1998 in the production of packaging machines with a wide range of models: manual, semiautomatic and completely automatic.

NOCK is an owner run German family business, which manufactures and sells successfully modern high class machines for the food processing industry worldwide since 1990.  The NOCK product range:

  • derinding machines

  • membraning machines

  • Doner and Gyros cutting machines

  • circular blade cutting machines

  • fish skinning machines

  • poultry skinning machines

  • scale ice makers

FoodTools is a global company focused on advancements in the food portioning industry.  There are FoodTools machines right now portioning products from Australia to Romania.  Years of experience and expertise has made FoodTools the industry leader of food portioning equipment.

Ferneto – equipment and items for the food Industry, S.A., was founded in 1986 and concentrates its activity in the production of equipment for the food industry.
FRIMAQ has a staff with more than 20 years of experience in processing and packaging machinery, food products, such as thermoforming, heat sealing, vacuum machine, shrink, etc ...

REICH is Germany's oldest name in the market for smoking process systems. As a mid-sized company with headquarters in Schechingen, Ostalbkreis, we can look back on 125 years of family tradition.

The company Ekomex Pilśniak is a renowned Polish manufacturer of machines and equipment for food processing. 

• Meat mincers
• Mixers
• Vacuum Tumblers
• Washers and drying tunnels
• Injectors
• Guillotine and frozen blocks cutters
• Separators 
• Loading devices
• Brine mixers
• Ice flakes generators
• Knife sharpeners 

N&N Nadratowski Food Processing Equipment have over the years become one of the most recognised mixing machines manufacturers in the world. We are totally focused on the continuous development of existing products and new product ideas, which will enable the company to achieve the position of worldwide leader within the food machinery sector.

The Austrian company is specialized in manufacturing filling devices

Since 1961 in Turkey

-Long experience in manufacturing of bakery equipment with many references delivered

-Having extensive know-how for Bread Production Technologies also having Bakery branch in the group

-Modern production facilities

-Customer focused organisation

-Extensive technical know-how for Bread and Bakery machinery

FATOSA's history stretches back to 1969. Many years have gone. Throughout this time there has been a constant development of the designs, quality and safety as part of the company's ongoing commitments to the food industry.

All of FATOSA's machines are designed by its own engineering department, taking into account technological developments and market needs, as well as international directives on health and safety.

BRALYX are a company specialized in manufacturing and commercialization of machines to make savory and sweet products (such as coxinhas, savory, fresh dough and pastry). In over 20 years of expertise we have developed a top table machine for coxinhas, innovated in terms of design, and we have been supporting our customers with the equipment that fits better theirs needs according to theirs business.

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